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Get access to a free chart and a personalised sample report that offers insights into the unique aspects of your design, which can significantly impact your entrepreneurial journey and life. Whether you want to refine your business model, turn generic strategies into a personalised path to success, or enhance your leadership, this free offer is your gateway to a business that fulfils you on every level. Discover a taste of the actionable insights to craft a fulfilling business that resonates deeply with you and effortlessly attracts your dream clients. 

Transform Your Life, Transform Your Business: Align with Your Human Design Today! 

Discover the secrets within your Human Design Chart. 

Human Design offers an incredible journey of self-discovery, unlocking your fullest potential and guiding you towards living your best life and running a business that feels like a natural extension of your true self.

Uncover the key to breaking free from the frustration of business strategies that don't resonate and the exhaustion of pursuing a business model that fails to reflect your authentic self.

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Why You'll Love This:

  • Tailored Insights: Receive a chart and sample report customised to highlight the facets of your Human Design that directly impact your business success and personal fulfillment as an entrepreneur.
  • Strategic Advantage: Gain an understanding of how to leverage your natural strengths in your business strategy, marketing, and client relations, setting you apart.
  • Free Exploration: This¬†sample report is an excellent opportunity to experience firsthand how aligning your business with your Human Design can lead to greater success and less stress.

How It Works:

  1. Submit Your Details: Provide your birth information to generate your personalised Human Design Chart tailored for entrepreneurs.
  2. Download Your Chart and Sample Report: Download your free chart and a sample report that sheds light on how your design can influence your business approach and success.
  3. Discover Your Entrepreneurial Design: Begin exploring the insights and consider how they can guide you toward creating a more aligned, effective, and fulfilling business.

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I'm Alice

CEO & Founder of Empowered by Alice & Retreat a Little, Intuitive Business Coach, Manifesting Generator 1/3, adventurer & traveller

I have been named a Human Design expert by Australia's number one health and well-being platform, Body + Soul. 

My mission is to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurs whilst bringing their business into full energetic alignment.

With a deep-seated passion for business and personal growth, I am committed to guiding entrepreneurs in aligning their ventures with their unique Human Design. This alignment is key to fostering a life of empowerment and fulfillment. My ultimate goal is to create a world where business success and personal bliss coexist in perfect harmony, enabling entrepreneurs to thrive in both their professional and personal lives, achieving a seamless blend of prosperity and well-being.

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