I'm Alice Taugs

Guiding You to Success and Fulfilment

Join me on a transformative journey tailored for both individuals seeking personal fulfilment and entrepreneurs aiming for authenticity in their business. Discover a unique blend of personalised coaching and innovative tools, including the insightful framework of Human Design, to craft a life and business that resonate deeply with who you are. 

I'm Alice Taugs

Guiding Entrepreneurs to Success with Human Design

Unlock the power of your unique Human Design to craft a business that resonates deeply with who you are. Join me on a transformative journey where entrepreneurship meets authenticity, creating a magnetic business aligned with your true essence.


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Hi, I'm Alice.

I'm a mentor, coach, and creator for individuals and entrepreneurs just like you.

I guide you on a journey to align your life and business with your unique essence, enabling you to attract more success, fulfilment, and create a reality that truly resonates with who you are.

Through the hundreds of Human Design Reports and Readings I've conducted over the past few years, I've empowered individuals to unlock their full potential, supported families in achieving profound alignment, and guided entrepreneurs in crafting businesses that thrive on authenticity and growth.

My most exciting chapter has just started. For the ultimate in alignment and transformation, join my coaching programs:

  • Business by Design: Tailor your entrepreneurial journey to your unique essence.
  • Empowered Living by Design: Craft a life of purpose, joy, and empowerment, true to your essence.

How can I help you? 


Discover your gifts and talents, and how to utilise them. Gain clarity and let go of self-doubt, embracing your true essence.



 Purchase a 25-30 page report that identifies your innate gifts and talents and guides you towards your ideal work environment. This report serves as a user manual for life, empowering you to live with purpose.



Imagine waking up and having time for journalling, a beach walk or a cup of coffee in bed. Your offers resonate deeply with your perfect clients, your calendar is booked with promising opportunities, delivering the results you know you can achieve.

Envision a business that grows joyfully and effortlessly.



Imagine waking up each day feeling deeply connected to your true self, living a life that's designed by you, for you. This vision of success isn't just a dream‚ÄĒit's a reality that awaits you.


1:1 Coaching

Looking to advance your career or grow your business? Perhaps, you're considering to start your own venture. Schedule a call today, with no strings attached.


About Alice 

CEO and Founder of Empowered by Alice

Clarity    Connection    Empowerment

CEO & Founder of Empowered by Alice & Retreat a Little, Intuitive Business Coach, Manifesting Generator 1/3, adventurer & traveller

Recognised as a Human Design expert by Australia's number one health and well-being platform, Body + Soul, my mission extends beyond the entrepreneurial sphere. I'm dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals, enabling them to live and work in full energetic alignment.

With a passion for both business and personal growth, I'm committed to guiding you in aligning your ventures and your life with your unique essence. This alignment is key to fostering a life of empowerment, fulfilment, and bliss. My ultimate goal is to create a world where success in business and personal happiness coexist in perfect harmony, allowing you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

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"Embark on a journey to unlock the reservoir of untapped potential within you. Through a blend of personalised coaching and innovative tools, including Human Design, transform every aspect of your life and business into magnets for opportunities and success. Shed the old, embrace your authentic path, and experience the profound shift towards a reality that's not only prosperous but deeply fulfilling. This is the power of alignment‚ÄĒwhere your journey transcends financial gains and becomes a testament to living and thriving on your own terms."

Client Testimonials

Melissa, Brisbane

Thank you so much Alice for your guidance and support during this program. I am so grateful for what I have learned about myself and also how this can help me build a successful business and life. You have a true gift of bringing out people's strengths and guiding them through all their crazy insecurities.

Stephen, Adelaide

Joining 'Business by Design' was a turning point in my life. I struggled to find my bliss and flow in the entrepreneurial world as a Splenic Projector. This program not only helped me align my business with my Human Design but also transformed my approach to work and life. Since then, it's been a lot easier to attract the right opportunities, create new high-value, high-ticket offers and find aligned clients whilst also honouring my need for rest. 

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