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Hi, I’m Alice! As the Director and Founder of Empowered by Alice, I have a bold vision. What would happen if everyone knew what their purpose was and lived truly and uniquely according to their personal values? 

I am Alice, the Founder and Director of Empowered by Alice. From very humble beginnings in East Germany, I had a perfect life and all the security and stability of someone having a 21-year corporate career in healthcare. A history of working for some of the best companies in pharma and medical devices, both here and overseas. I worked my way up, from team assistant to running events in Sydney, New York, Zurich and Mexico City and eventually moving to Australia in 2006.

For more than two decades, I have worked alongside healthcare workers and experienced first-hand how chasing a career, our lifestyle choices, social conditioning, and always caring for others first can contribute to chronic illnesses, burnout, and forgetting who we are at our core.

My passion for human psychology, organisational structure, leadership, and purpose, combined with my knowledge in healthcare, got me onto the path of researching how to live in greater alignment. Over three years, I underwent multiple significant transformations whilst cutting through the confusing self-help world.

Rather than continuing to apply band-aids, I have now set out on a mission to tackle the problem at the root cause. Empowered by Alice helps ambitious individuals unlock their full potential and lead an empowered life.

I draw on my 20+ years of global business experience, a business degree and my intuitive abilities to transform individuals and teams whilst maintaining a greater sense of well-being. 

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Let's catch up over a cup of tea

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