Empower Your Story: Media Highlights from Empowered by Alice

Welcome to our media corner, a space where stories of transformation and empowerment take center stage. At Empowered by Alice, we're celebrated for our commitment to personal growth, empowering coaching, and life-changing retreats. Our media appearances and podcasts are not just features; they're a reflection of our journey to inspire and uplift.

Balancing the Grind with Alice Taugs, Human Design Expert

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'Here's what the Human Design TikTok trend taught me'

Body+Soul: According to the Human Design trend taking TikTok by storm, the key to unlocking your natural potential lies in truly understanding your energy type. But how accurate is the whole thing?

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Highlight Leadership Skills And PotentialĀ in an Interview

Stand out as a leader during job interviews, Interview FocusĀ gathered insights from presidents and COOs,Ā and other experts.

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Podcast features

The Inner Healer with Sacha Stewart

Sacha Stewart is a leading speaker on mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace. Her mission is to empower employers to create a healthy workplace for their team, and to encourage them to prioritise their mental health.Ā 

On her podcast series, the Inner Healer, Sacha talks about how your inner world creates your outer world and talks about how you can transform from the inside out. Sacha is a Kinesiologist, mind body medicine practitioner, healer, conscious business mentor and teacher. She works with everything from the energetic, the spiritual, the scientific and the metaphysical to empower, inspire and uplift, and giveĀ people the knowledge of their inner healing gifts.

This week on the podcast I have Alice Taugs from Empowered By Alice + Retreat A Little. Alice shares how Human Design can transform not only your business but your life.


The LeaderSHIFT Playbook with Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins has 15 years of experience in corporate America and she has worked with companies ranging from fortune 500 to startups. 

Emily lives in Atlanta, USA and when I shared my story on LinkedIn it somehow ended up on her feed. Here we are talking about aligning your values with your work and how Retreating a Little can help. 

"After this past year and a half don’t you want to retreat a little? Well, today we’re going to Australia and talking all things work/life balance, self-care, and reevaluating the workplace post-pandemic because retreats shouldn’t have to be a giant adventure, they can happen daily with the right tools. Join me and Alice Schaefer as we cover all of this and more."

The LeaderSHIFT Podcast Alice Schaefer
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